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“..Sitting in V.I.P…Smokin’ ..and Drinkin’…and Kickin’ it..” Funky Bassists, House DJ’s, Sexy Producers

– The Beats, Rhymes and Life open mic movement is so fire 🔥🔥🔥that it almost burned down Loft 27 literally. The show will still go on so we will be marauding at midnight at The Moonlight Rooftop Lounge at 425 NE 30th St., Miami, FL 33137 on Friday, July 28th. Doors open at 11 PM. Looking forward to seeing you there #MidnightMarauders #BeatsRhymesAndLife #OpenMic #SpokenWord #Singers #Rappers #Musicians #Comedians @bransco @rebelsredux @losnegrosmusic @donredfox @jus10it

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